choosing your summer family holidays

For those who are single or for couples who don’t have kids planning a holiday is fairly simple – all you need to worry about is arranging time off work and having the funds available for your chosen holiday destination and some spending cash. For families with young children it is often a different matter and sometimes you can be forgiven for wondering whether it’s worth all the bother. However, with a little forethought it shouldn’t be too much of a problem so here are a few things to consider.
choosing your summer family holidays
Choosing the Holiday Resort
Where kids are involved you not only have to find a resort they’ll like but you also need to consider the traveling time too. Far-away destinations may seem perfect but a long flight is not always a good idea when children are very young. Anyone who’s had the misfortune to be stuck on a long-haul flight with a restless infant will know all too well that long plane journeys and very young kids is a combination that rarely works well.

Remember also that there may be a considerable travel distance between your resort and the airport and you may be traveling for a while without the convenience of toilets and nappy changing facilities.

The resort itself also needs to be family friendly and also have facilities for adults too. Beach holidays are usually ideal for families with young kids as it gives the parents a chance to relax while the kids run around to their heart’s content.

Many resorts have a range of entertainment options including theme parks, water parks and mini-golf courses as well as bars and restaurants where the parents can unwind after running around after the kids all day. For those with teenagers it’s also worth considering that they’ll probably want the best of both worlds – all the activities that children enjoy during the day as well as some lively night-life.

Where to Stay?
Choosing the right accommodation is essential for a successful family holiday. A hotel may seem the easiest option but may not suit young children who are not suited to the formal eating arrangements. Self-catering holidays are often best as they allow you the flexibility to eat what you want and when you want it – just make sure there are plenty of shops nearby.

Coming Home
You know the feeling when it comes time to head back home after a great holiday and it’s just as bad, if not worse, for kids who’ll want to stay put.

Try to spend the last couple of days of your holiday winding down and getting back into some kind of normal routine. Make sure that kids have plenty to occupy themselves with on the journey back – a collection of comics and coloring-in books is ideal, particularly as you’ll be stuck in the airport for a while.

Bear in mind that the kids will feel deflated on their return home so try and give them something to look forward to and lots of time to readjust back into normal family life.

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